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4 January 1989 my brother and I started to do karate, because we as Nautilus Instructors are able to do all sports in the sportscenter.

After two years of strength training done,

It was still not as easy as we thought to start karate, kicking up was in the beginning quite difficult with short muscles, even a dachshund was safe as it were.

After about training for one year we went for our first exam.

10 th Kyu this we took on 29 April 1989.

First it went fast with three exams in 1989

9th Kyu grade 26 June 1989 **

8th Kyu grade 29 September 1989

7th Kyu grade 21 December 1989

Then the exams were more difficult.

6th Kyu grade 13 July 1990 **

5th Kyu grade 13 December 1990

4th Kyu grade 12 June 1991 **

3th Kyu grade 17 June 1992

2th Kyu grade
13 December 1993.

The Kyu degrees with ** were taken during the International Karate summer camp on the sportspark Papendal in Arnhem the Netherlands

Where we train from Sunday to Friday, we almost did nothing else but training and practice for exams.

We had a lot of fun during the karate summer camps.

From the moment I became 8th Kyu.

I started to get involved with karate competitions first at the sportcenter itself but then also nationally.

In the first years you do not succeed to bring any trophies home but in the later years it became easier, when i was 32 years old i got a 3th place at the Rotterdam Open Championships.

But everything comes to an end.

Whether or not forced by a doctor, a serious injury to my big toe was doing my karate era to a close, I appear twice to have broken my big toe without knowing it.

On 10 April 1997 I had to stop with one of my favorite sports.

All those years have taught me discipline and gave a lot of confidence.

Therefore, I look back with pleasure at this moment in my sporting life.


In May 2015 I went with my girlfriend Terry, invited by my old karate teacher Vlado Haljer and Jenny Scholten of the "katsu Heiwa Dojo"

for a week karate spring camp in Samobor Croatia.

After 18 years, I have put on my karate gi again and have tried if I still have It. Unfortunately I suffer heel spur and I didn't got to do everything.

However, Terry became a 10th Kyu karateka , because she trained and did her exam after the hole week training with the group.

It Was a fun week to do it again.


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