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Indoor Cycling - Spinning

Due to an injury I had to quit karate in 1997 and was again looking for a new challenge.

When the sportscenter bought in 2005 32 spinning bikes, My passion began for indoorcycling also known as spinning.
From the beginning already at the tryouts of the former instructors I was captivated by the spinning virus.

When I was offered the opportunity in early 2006 to take the course "Indoor Cycling Instructor" I have seized the opportunity with both hands, it was there to say it would be only for replacement Instructor.

From June 11 2006 I am a certified "Indoor Cycle Instructor" after some replacement hours, I got in January 2007 my own hour on Wednesday evening at half past nine.

Then in April 2008, Henk left and i got his two hours on Monday, so from that time on i gave three hours spinning a week.

Since 2007 I organize every year the Christmas Spinning Marathon, three hours spinning for charity at the sportscenter.

On Sunday, June 5th, 2011, I started with Jimmy Peek the AALO Cycle Master Course, that we have successfully completed on June 24 and we can call ourselves AALO Cycle Masters.

Unfortunately, the sportscenter went bankrupt in early 2015 and acquired by Basic-Fit, luckily I was able to continue working after the taking over of the sportscenter, now on other bikes from Basic-Fit.

After giving 10 years spinning class, I decided to stop with giving spinning and again to meet another challenge.

December 2, 2015 I gave my last lesson and what the future brings is still a mystery.

Thanks for the years of enjoyment

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